Monday, July 28, 2008

Zai hi

Mizote hi zai hnam kan nia, kan culture ah pawh zai hian hmun pawimawhtak aluah ve reng reng ani. Mi 4/5 kan awmkhawm let let chuan kan zaithei deuhzel mai, zinkawngah pawh bus bang bengin hlim takin kan zai kawngtluan thak thei zela, kan local channel leh demand channel te pawh hmelhriatloh zaithiam tharlam pui pui an lo zai reng bawka, music video siam nazawng hi an zaithiamlo, zaithiam emaw an inti mai mai ani tih te, promoter nei tha tha hi an lar mai ani tihte, hriattur awm fothin mahse, an zaithiam emaw, zaithiamlo emaw, an zaithei fu vek bawk sia! Mizo te hi ahnam angin awtha hnam kan nia, hnamdang pawh hian mizo kan nih chuan zaithei turah min ngai ngawt zel mai ania. Pathianin zaitur renga aduan, hnam special tak kan lo ni ve hrim hrim.

Zai chungchang hi mimal tak pawhin sawitur ka neive nual. Zai ngaina mi ka nia, aw chhe chung chung Zaipawl leh group zai, eng enge maw ah te ka inhmangve nasa thin. Zoram ka ngaihna pawh zai ka chak vang ani fothin. Zaipuitur an awmchuan tlaivar thak thaka zai pawh ka peih thina, awchhang vek pawhin ka zai peih, hunreife voice box vung avangin aw chhang tham chhil chhel, duh hun huna ri chhuak theilo thin kha ka neia, Lalpa, heti khawpa zai ngaina si, tinge hetiang aw minpek mai chu le ka ti thin. Ka chakthin chu duhtawka Pathian faka zai ve theiha, mi aw key ang pawl phaa zai ve hi ania, aw thatak nei si, zai peih lo te hi ka fuih ka fuih thin. 2000 kum khan Lalpan min tidama, ka chak ang takin ka zai ve leh thei ta. Zai hi ning tur pawh ka ni lova, ka ning phal heklova, awchhan hrehawm zia ka man tawh a, Pathian faka zaitheihloh hrehawmzia pawh ka hretawha. Zaithiamlo mah ila, miin zai peih hriat tala min hriat chuan enge pawi? atha teh alawm ka ti!Lalpa faknan hian lua aawm lova, mintidamtu hi ka fak tawk thei dawn heklo. Ka aw ve hi a lai emaw, a beu emaw ka aw neihchhun chhun hmanga ka fak hi Lalpa tan rimawi ani sia.

Vanramah pawh banglovin Lalpa fakin kan la zai dawn ania, zai nuamtilo ho tan chuan aboring duh awm mange te ka ti rilru mai mai thin, zai nuamti deuh chuan vanram pawh kan enjoy zual hle dawn niawm tak ani. Vanramah tawng chi tinreng maia Lalpa kan han fak tur hi a ropui dawn hian ka ring mang e!


luliana said...

nia tiro, zai hi a lo nuam a ni..thiam lo hle mah ila..zaipawl hla zir te hi lungphur phur in ka lo phur ve thin, thawh hlawk em me lo mah ila..:)

Engtik nge i lo haw dawn? U kiki in ka vsr min pek theinghilh anih kha..mahse a tukah houseah an lo dah leh tho a..lehkha ka zir peih lo lutuk aaaa..

Jinx said...

Nang te cu zai thiam teh alom. Zai ngaina ve si, thiam silovah chuan kei tak hi ania No.1 chu :) In ho tur chu ka lung a leng lok :(

kumtluang said...

luliana: zai soi dek dek chuan lungphur aia phur tur :)
VSR i chantrep ani maw? hahah nizanah i u in minlo miscall trota, hawndon thlon em ni aw ka tia, lolzzzzz inkhua kan thlohkan maidon....alum emai kanlo kal lo meiteh ang!

kumtluang said...

Jinx, chutian ti suh,nang kan tringtrangpuber!tringtrang 2 lai kannei, keyboard poh, nangin tringtrang iperh anga,,keiin keyboard ka beng anga, faerie in thirfian a khawng ri anga...ilo zin hunah kan zai tlaivar dawnnia, thenawmte threlh ngaikhopin! Lanzhou ah poh L-i tenen thenawmten min ron hau alom hahaha i reh hle mai, enge i an zel le?

Sekibuhchhuak said...

Ka zai a,ka aw ka ngaihthlak hi chuan,Mizote hi zaithiam hnam kan ni tih chu ka pawm thei thlawis lo :-)Liandingpuii te Debbie te zai ngaihthlak chuan,kan ni e,ka ti thei maithei :-)

Vanrama banglova zai hi peihawmloh angreng ka ti..heheh.

see you tommorow

Zaia said...

Kei chu Zaia ka nia, sawi vak pawh ka tum lo hehe!!

Sekibuhchhuak said...

In ngaihawm tawh hle mai.

Puibawiha said...

Keipawh zai thiam lem lo mah ila, tui titakin ka ngaithla theia ka lawm khawp mai.
Hmel that nge i duh zai thiam tiin min zawt ta sela,, zai thiam nih ka thlang zawk awm e.

hruaia said...

ngaihnawm khawp mai. Mizo culture lairilah zai a awm i tih hi a dik khawp mai. Tunlai khawvelah ham kan sawn viau chho a, hmasawnna tur kawng hi hman deuhah lelte ah ka ziak ve nghe nghe a..Entirnan, global zawnga tlan deuh..Hindi songs te hi sum hmuhna tha tak tur a niin ka hria...!

Anonymous said...

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